What’s Weingarten Writing?

Making a joke about POTUS’s country of origin is hardly pushing any line these days. It’s an easy layup. It’s the joke the guy next to you at the bar tells over and over again to anyone who will listen. Or it can be told to you by WaPo‘s own Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist, Gene Weingarten. In this week’s column, Gene tackles Barack Obama’s college records. For every liberal that whines about Mitt Romney not releasing his tax returns, a conservative fires back that Obama won’t release his college records. It’s gotten so bad that Gene tells us about a conservative website who will offer $20,000 to anyone who can give proof of POTUS’s college records. Gene decides to make light of the situation and try to collect on those funds.

Here are some things Gene says we can find in his college records…

“He was president of the Foreign-Born Students Association.”

“His birth name isn’t “Barack Hussein Obama Jr.” As politically problematic as that pseudonym proved to be, it turns out it is a significant improvement on his real name, “DeathToAmerica Obama Jr.” “

Sure, some of these are mildly humorous, but this is the Pulitzer Prize-winning HUMORIST for one of the most respected papers in the country. Have we not heard some variation of these jokes a thousand times?

At least he came up with some original content instead of letting someone else come up with all the material like he usually does. Then again, that might have been more entertaining.

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