When Tweeting For A Celebrity Date Goes Wrong

It was viewed as a sweet gesture when Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis attended separate Marine Corps Balls after being invited via YouTube, but Megan Piper’s acceptance to attend a high schooler’s prom via Twitter? Not so much. Guess being an adult film star has its down side.

Mike Stone, an 18-year-old high school senior, spent the past month trying to land a celebrity date to his prom via Twitter. His efforts finally paid off when 19-year-old porn star, Megan Piper, accepted the invitation – all she needed was a plane ticket to Minnesota (where Mike lives). So Mike again took to the Twitterverse (and Facebook) with an appeal for assistance and a travel agency stepped in offering to cover the costs!

Yes, the moon and the stars seemed to be aligning for this young man, but then school administration stepped in and nixed the plans. And now, Mike is sharing on his Twitter stream @madmike42948, the school has threatened to have Megan arrested if she attempts to attend the prom. Makes one wonder how the parents of Mike’s high school classmates feel about this whole thing, hmm? Mike’s mom, Diven Stone, is not pleased . . . with the school. She tells The Daily Dot:

“It shouldn’t matter if someone is a porn star, a construction worker, a teacher, a principal or a homemaker. What does their profession have to do with anything? That doesn’t make them a bad person.”

Indeed. What do you think? You can follow the events on Twitter via #hashtag #Porn4Prom.

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