When Will Facebook Create Advertising APIs for Marketers?

Facebook’s performance advertising system is a powerful platform for a variety of businesses large and small to reach and engage their audience on Facebook in a very targeted way. However, unlike search marketing, which is keyword-targeted, Facebook Ads are people-targeted, meaning advertisers can filter their target audience according to almost any information they’ve shared on their Facebook profile. Just last month, Facebook released new radius and language targeting capabilities.

Today, Facebook says it has “tens of thousands” of advertisers on its performance ads platform. However, for marketing firms managing multiple campaigns across multiple accounts, it can become complex to manage everything with Facebook’s standard ad management interface. Google AdWords, albeit of course a much more mature platform, has a robust API that has enabled an entire ecosystem of sophisticated third party ad management tools designed to manage and optimize AdWords performance.

When will Facebook do the same thing? Such APIs would allow more marketing dollars to flow through the system, increase the quality of the ads, and make pricing more efficient. For its part, Facebook is still building out many of the key features advertisers are requesting (like radius and language targeting most recently), but won’t comment on any specific plans to open up APIs.

“We’re always looking into ways to make Facebook Ads easier.  Developing an API is one way to do that but we have no announcements to make at this time,” a Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook.

As it stands, search marketers tell us that they are resorting to internal naming conventions to manage their campaigns. For now, that level of campaign management will need to suffice. However, we’ll let you know whenever Facebook makes any APIs available.