Where Are the ‘Secrets’ in Washington Secrets?

Earlier this year Paul Bedard left U.S News & World Report to work for the Washington Examiner. In doing so, he left his “Washington Whispers” column for a new one called “Washington Secrets.”

Bedard still covers largely the same ground of topics: political strategies in the works, some behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews with news-makers around town. It’s news, but a look at his recent reports shows none of them are really secrets.

  • “Jimmy Carter: I trust Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood,” reads his latest headline. The article pulls quotes from a radio broadcast interview former president Jimmy Carter did with “America Morning News” on Thursday. Is a broadcast interview a secret?
  • “NRA warns of Obama packing Supreme Court,” reads another headline. The gist of the story is that the NRA plans to campaign against President Obama’s reelection. Everyone knows the NRA is a conservative, pro-Second Amendment organization.

The closest one to a “secret” falls under the headline “Secret Service agent: Clinton’s staff rude, Hillary aloof.” The story concerns a book by Secret Service agent Dan Emmett in which he criticizes former president Bill Clinton‘s administration and Clinton’s wife, Hillary. The details are only a secret in the sense that the book was self-published, and in this case, kudos to Bedard — it’s  unlikely anyone in Washington will have read the book except him.

Maybe Bedard’s column needs a new name. “Washington We Might Already Know.”

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