Where I've Been Relaunches with More Community Features

Where I’ve Been is an application that became a sensation on platforms like Facebook, where millions added the application that displays a map of where you’ve traveled to across the world. But that was about the extent of the Where I’ve Been application, especially as the company relied a great deal on integration with social networks to provide additional community features and user-generated value by way of recommendations or direct and personalized advice to others.
That’s all changed. A year after being acquired, Where I’ve Been has relaunched this week, giving better community features to its stand alone site in order to provide additional value to site visitors and users alike.

One new feature is the news feed, which shares real-time information on a destination that’s of interest to you. While the news feed is becoming a default feature for many sites these days, Where I’ve Been is bringing much of the community content to the forefront with the addition of the real-time news feed.
There’s also an Ask an Expert section, which lets you get travel information directly from friends who have been deemed experts, or ask other experts on the site as well. As easy as it is to get information on Where I’ve Been, it’s just as easy to give it. On the home page you’ll see questions from other users seeking advice on a particular destination, such as “does it snow every day in Chicago?” This is yet another way in which Where I’ve Been is leveraging its community members to help each other out.T the best way to encourage and maintain this kind of self-contained information cycle is to provide easy tools to users, which takes us back to other feature updates such as the news feed.
You can also read and contribute to aggregated reviews, or take advantage of the booking tools that have been added to Where I’ve Been. In all, Where I’ve Been is doing more to establish itself as a stand alone site and community–something many sites set out to do when running successful application and/or social media campaigns on larger social networks. I think it’s still important to incorporate the social networks in Where I’ve Been’s grand scheme, but the re-launch of the site is a necessary step towards remaining an established service in today’s climate.

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