Where To Get A Cover Photo For Your Facebook Timeline

One of the first things you see when you preview timeline is a prompt to add a cover image. Here's a rundown on the offerings in this burgeoning space.

The most visually engaging aspect of Facebook’s timeline has spawned a burgeoning industry. Many of the tools for creating cover images are repurposed from screensavers and banners, but they do the trick.
Some of the tools delve into your photo albums on Facebook to compile covers, while others offer you a databases of high-resolution images to choose from. All of them give you something to fill the roughly 851 by 315 pixel space that the cover image commands. Here’s a rundown on the offerings in this space.

Interactive Cover Creation

  • The Site Canvas: Connect your Facebook account directly to this app and you can choose from a variety of layouts to build your cover photo. (60,000 monthly users, 17,000 likes)
  • Cover Photo Magic: Connect your Facebook account to the app that runs natively on Facebook, then build a cover photo from images you choose. (20,000 monthly users, 11,000 likes)
  • Face It Pages: This allows you to create a variety of images, not just banner images, with its interface. Just log in and use their application to start building. (29,000 likes)
  • My FB Covers: The feature to look for on this site is the collage maker that combines your existing Facebook photos into a banner-wide collage of all your Facebook friends. (458,000 likes)
  • First Covers: This site has it all: it’s a cover creator and massive image database, all in one. (246,000 likes)
  • Picscatter: This has the nicest looking interface of them all. Generate a cover in three steps, or do it on the go with Picscatter’s mobile app. (215,000 likes)
  • Cover Junction: First, sort through Cover Junction’s cover images. Then, use the cover creator to connect your Facebook account and upload your personal photos. There’s even an option for you to add your timeline banner to their database where others can use it for themselves. (12,000 likes)
  • Fookcover: This takes popular art, sizes its images to a banner, then lets you connect to Facebook to upload your cover in a couple clicks. (494 likes)

Image Databases

While the new layout as caused some stress and concern over privacy and usability, some are seeing engagement go way up with the new Facebook design. For individuals, the anger will eventually subside, perhaps as more people turn to Barack My Timeline for comedic relief.
Guest writer Nick Narodny is cofounder and senior vice president of business training at Grovo.

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