Which Candidate is Your Boss Backing? Check HuffPo

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We have a new site driving Search: Huffington Post’s Fundrace. The site allows you to look up any donor of over $200 by name, occupation, location, or company. It defaults to Martha Stewart when you enter (Hillary Clinton, $4600 in Q2 2007).

You could get the same information back in 2004 though it was buried deep on the Federal Elections Commission site. HuffPo’s optimized site ends up quite high when you Google someone without a long paper trail.

Curious to know which heads of PR agencies are giving money to the candidates? So were we. First thing to note is in the Public Relations Primary, Democrats received $229,351 vs just $133,632 to Republicans.

No analysis–here’s a sampling:

Daniel Edelman–$1000 to Joe Biden (Q2 ’06), $2300 to Barack Obama (Q1 ’07), $1000 to Mitt Romney (Q3 ’07), $2300 to John McCain (Q4 ’07)

Richard Edelman–$2300 to Obama (Q1 ’07)

Ben Finzel, SVP & Out Front blogger, Fleishman-Hillard DC–$2300 to Bill Richardson (Q2 ’07)

Pat Kingsley, former head of PMK–$1000 to Clinton (Q3 ’07), and a donor to Emily’s List

Dan Klores–$3300 to Chris Dodd (Q1 ’07)

Howard Rubenstein–$4600 to Hillary Clinton (Q1 ’07), and $4600 to Rudy (Q4 ’07)

Richard Rubenstein–$2300 to Clinton (Q1 ’07)

Steven Rubenstein–$4600 to Clinton (Q4 ’07)

George Shelton, Wal-Mart–$1500 to Clinton (the only recipient of a Wal-Mart exec’s money)

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