Which Company Is the Life of the Social Media Party?

Dachis Group index reveals answer (in real time!)

Plenty of social media analytics providers tally up impressions, ranging from Twitter @replies to Facebook likes from consumers, but not many look as closely at a company’s own social media activity. It’s the difference between what consumers say about a brand versus what the brand is saying itself.

Today Dachis Group, a social media agency, publicly unveiled its Social Business Index, a database which analyzes, rates, and ranks the social media activities of 20,000 companies and 26,000 brands. The database gathers information from publicly available APIs and purchased data that measure strength, qualities, and sentiment of the social media activities of pretty much every company. The index assigns brands and the companies that own them a numerical value and ranks each one. In essence, it is a leader board of every company’s “socialyness.” (Our term, not theirs.)

The database, filterable by company, brand, industry, subsidiary, and region, is nearly real time, updated every 15 minutes. Users of the service see a scrolling list of top social companies appear across the screen like a stock ticker; top industries and top movers are listed on the right-hand side. Dachis launched the index in June for many of the largest companies in its database; today it made the database available to the public.

Which company is the most social? Not surprisingly, Facebook, with a score of 1391. Jeffrey Dachis, the firm’s founder, told Adweek the team debated removing actual social media companies like Facebook and Google from the list because of how obvious (and therefore useless) an index topped by social media companies looks. But he opted for the most pure data, and Facebook does not top the list because so many people use the site. Instead, it’s up there because the Facebook brand is one of the most active in social media. “The Facebook fan page itself is the largest on the site and has a tremendous amount of engagement,” he said. Facebook was hovering at No. 43 until a few days ago, but it’s had a slew of platform announcements because of its upcoming F8 developer conference, and engagement has spiked this week.

After that, Google (because of YouTube) and News Corp. And then it gets interesting. Coinstar, which owns Redbox, is No. 3, thanks to the brand’s 3.6 million Facebook fans and half-hourly movie trivia questions. Then, Walmart, Time Warner, Whole Foods, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, and Nike. The list is searchable, it can be sorted by industry (fashion and media companies have some of the highest social scores, Dachis said), and also by ecosystems, which measures “two-way” communications between a brand and users. (The Hershey Co. has the top performing ecosystem today, followed by Facebook and Yum! Brands.)

The idea is that this index can become more useful to brands than a simple “hmm, that’s interesting.” Dachis Group plans to roll out at least five new applications which provide in-depth analytics tailored to a client company on how to most effectively spend its social media dollars. “You can see that, for example, your employees in California are doing great outreach with green initiatives,” Dachis said. The Social Business Index will remain free to access, but those products, which aim for the elusive “performance brand marketing” concept, will not. 

Dachis Group is based in Austin, Texas, and has $30 million in venture backing from Austin Ventures. Dachis, who co-founded Razorfish, established the firm in 2008, building it up to 250 employees through seven acquisitions including Stuzo, Archrival, and Powered.


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