Who Are The Most Influential People Talking #SXSW Right Now?

SXSW is nearly upon us, the influential tech, music and film festival shifting into high gear on Friday. And a big part of this annual joining of the cutting-edge minds is Twitter: using it to promote your booth, meet attendees, share news and talk about your favorite new startup in between sets.

PeopleBrowsr and Kred had created a #SXSW Leaderboard to showcase the most influential tweeters during the event. Will you make the cut?

You can visit the real-time leaderboard of influential #SXSW tweeters at sxsw.kred.com.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for anyone who’s following the SXSW conversation, @Mashable is the most influential Twitter account on the block, with 2200 points and counting. Following @Mashable is a social media expert @0boy with 1600 points, and the remaining top 7 hovering around 500.

Kred also measures what it calls “Outreacher Score” in addition to its Influence Score. An outreacher is someone who performs a social action on someone else’s #SXSW tweet, such as retweeting it or @replying to the sender.

In order to appear on Kred’s leaderboard, Twitter users must include the #SXSW hashtag in their tweet. Then, it’s simply a matter of seeing how many points – which really translate to interactions – you’re racking up!

If you’re headed to SXSW yourself, it might be a good idea to follow some of the top accounts on this list. They’re offering up all sorts of news and commentary on the event, and their tweets, being vetted by the entire Twitter community, are worth a read.

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