Who Won and Lost the Blizzard That Wasn’t?

Lots of jokes about CNN and Whole Foods

If #Snowmageddon2015 didn’t prove that people in The Media need to get out of their New York City-shaped bubbles, we don’t know what will.

While the snow continues to fall here in The Big Apple, the allegedly “historic” storm looks unlikely to earn that adjective…and everyone is weighing in and throwing blame. Here’s Gary Szatkowski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, New Jersey:

For the most part, though, people were gracious on social. It’s a minor miracle!

The storm did earn some extra attention for a few parties: we’ve already seen more than our share of “what to binge-watch on Netflix if you’re snowed in” lists.

CNN and its Don Lemon-starring “Blizzard Mobile” received the usual mockery from members of “media Twitter,” most of whom didn’t have much to do but snark after leaving work early. Here’s one from our own Mark Joyella of TVNewser:

Whole Foods served as the butt of more than a few kale-flavored jokes, but images from the scene reveal that the chain was laughing all the way to the bank:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Whole Foods was not one of the brands looking to capitalize on the event. Nissan got clever:

…but we’re partial to this tweet from the ASPCA: 


Governments in areas affected by what turned out to be a fairly standard snowstorm were unapologetic this morning. As NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, The Real Donald Trump used the occasion as yet another attempt to score as much unearned attention as possible while threatening to run for president and almost going completely insane:

Not even close to being true…but you knew that.

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