Why It Isn’t Totally Lame To Like Klout

Try as it might to give us a more accurate and transparent scoring algorithm, most of us find Klout’s model inherently flawed – mainly because we know “that guy’s score doesn’t make any sense.” It doesn’t matter ‘which guy’ or which girl for that matter, but what does matter is the fact that we’ve all seen this phenomenon one too many times to think Klout is an accurate way to measure influence.

But don’t give up on it yet! Klout’s +K’s have been around for a while, but these virtual high fives could possibly lead us down the right path . . . or at least make those of use receiving them feel good.

Klout’s +K votes are a great way to give attaboys to online friends for providing useful or interesting content. Have you given or received a +K yet? If you have received one and it was for a relevant topic area, you were likely flattered and then sought to return the favor by taking a few moments to review the sender’s Twitter profile, tweets and maybe even her blog or website. And then maybe you gave that person a +K in her specialty area – and what’s this? You have nine more +K’s available? Why surely you know nine interesting people on Twitter deserving of these votes of confidence!

And so the cycle continues and eventually folks with actual influence in niche areas will emerge. Maybe. Unless you start giving +K’s away to someone just because you think they’re cute or (worse) in a desperate attempt to win Lady Gaga’s attention. Please don’t?

So what do you think? Remember, it may seem like a pointless, immeasurable waste of time, but is it really any different from “liking” something on Facebook or giving something a +1 on Google?

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@MaryCLong maryclong@digitalmediaghost.com Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.
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