Why Mashable’s Lauren Drell Said Yes to a Role She Wasn’t Expecting

Lauren-Drell-ArticleWhen Lauren Drell interviewed for a job at Mashable in 2009, it was for a completely different department than the one she ended up in:

I thought it was a cool, scrappy startup company, so I applied for a copy editor job. I have a typo blog, so the thought of fixing typos all day was very appealing to me. Sharon Feder, who at the time was managing editor, said, ‘We want to hire you but have another role for you in mind in a department called supported content. It’s still editorial, but you’d have the opportunity to do more video and work with brands on some creative campaigns.’

I thought about it for a little bit and decided, ‘Let’s do this.’

It was Drell’s journalism experience that led her to apply for the copy editor position, but it was a different kind of training that led Mashable to offer Drell the sponsored-content position. Her social media work for a restaurant made her fluent in emerging and established social platforms, and a perfect fit for the department. It’s also a reminder of how developing a diverse set of skills can take you places you don’t expect.

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