Why You Need Charts and Pictures in Corporate Blog Posts [VIDEO]

Is a picture in your blog post worth some ROI?

When it comes to corporate blogs, looks do make a difference. Now, it isn’t unusual to see companies sweat out every design and layout detail. This is sensible – you want to address brand considerations, deliver a great end-user experience and generally not be ugly. It’s not unusual, however to spend the bulk of your design time on the blog’s theme and not the content. Bring design into your post, and the results are more compelling.

Don’t take this as a rigid rule, but do use it as a guideline: one post, at least one image. There are some rare cases where you can slap up a post without artwork of some kind, but in general, having something to look at, in addition to words, changes the reading experience for the better. To do this at little (or no) cost, you can use freely available photos on the web (licensed under the Creative Commons), embedded YouTube video (as I do below) or photos of authors and company executives. These are fast and easy ways to bring your corporate blog posts to life.

Whenever you can get them, however, charts are the way to go.

In the B2B space, especially, people love charts (just look at the success of eMarketer). People in your target market probably crave information, and your company is uniquely positioned to provide it. Use what you know about the market to run the occasional chart on your corporate blog (ideally at least once a week). Your readers will be more likely to opt into email programs and return to your blog later. Frequency, of course, will help lure them into your sales cycle.

Watch the video below for more insights: