Why You Should Care About the Emerging ‘PR Tech’ Market

pr techYou’ve probably heard of AirPR. The company has earned a good bit of attention for emphasizing the importance of measurement in the industry, and its CSO Rebekah Iliff and PR Engineer Leta Soza have written guest posts on ROI tools and optimization technology; Iliff also talked to us about whether the future of measurement is already here.

This week, however, the company launched PRTech.co, a site dedicated to “showcasing the companies and individuals driving the emerging PRTech ecosystem” as well as providing related services. The idea is that the emerging “PR tech” industry will soon be large enough to rival ad tech — and this site will help you navigate it.

Various industry pubs ran the accompanying infographic, but we liked it so much that we reposted it here and asked Rebekah to tell us why the industry needs to pay close attention to what happens next.


Rebekah, why does PR need to pay close attention to this emerging ecosystem?

Access to data and insights is allowing PR pros to prove the ROI of their efforts and optimize their strategies like never before. No longer is PR pushed to the back of the line or relegated to sitting outside the decision making circle. However, if PR is going to take its seat at the table, it must look beyond the traditional ways of “doing PR”

While the press release has always been thought of PR’s bread and butter, it’s important to note that press releases don’t actually lend any concrete value when it comes to furthering a brand’s narrative or telling a compelling story. The utility of the press release also varies largely depending on the size of the company. If you’re Apple, sending out a press release is important as a statement of public record, and journalists will typically jump on it. If you’re a startup, you’re basically commoditizing your own news and sending it out into the land of “no one cares”.

The future of PR depends on storytellers who can also look at data and infer possible outcomes. PR must rock at the intersection of strategic insight gleaned from data and creative thought. PR pros must then develop an ongoing strategy for pushing out content to the correct channels where their audience is watching, reading, sharing, commenting, and of course, buying.

These are the tools, conversations, and companies in the PRTech ecosystem come into play.

Did the map leave out any tech tools? And what do we think about predicting (and proving) outcomes for clients?

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