Hide Photos for Friends Behind Facebook Cat Photos with Wickr’s WTF

That picture of a cat you’re seeing on Facebook may be more than a picture of a cat

WickrWTF650That picture of a cat you’re seeing on Facebook may be more than a picture of a cat. Private messaging application Wickr introduced a photo feed called Wickr Timed Feed, or WTF, that hides private photos behind cat photos on Facebook for 24 hours.

Wickr explained how WTF works to TechCrunch, as well as in a video (embedded below): Wickr users can share photos with as many as 151 friends by tapping the WTF tab in the Wickr app, creating and customizing photos, and choosing where to share them (in specific feeds or on Facebook).

When photos are posted to Facebook, users who were not chosen to view them only see cat photos. Users who were granted access to the photos can click on the cat photos to access Wickr links and see the actual photos, which remain active for 24 hours.

Wickr co-founder and CEO Nico Sell told TechCrunch WTF will initially launch as part of an update of the Wickr iOS app, with other platforms to be added in the future, adding:

This is the biggest announcement we’ve made since starting the company.

Cats are more popular, but dogs can be an in-app purchase.

We’ll make Facebook cool again.

When asked if she was concerned about Facebook blocking access to its application-programming interface by the WTF feature, she mentioned recent comments by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron about messaging apps:

We’re not expecting to get cut off, but even if we do, it could work out like the David Cameron news. It will just cause more downloads for our app.

Sell also spoke with Re/code, saying:

It took a lot longer to build this than we expected. However, this is a true technology breakthrough.

It will be interesting to see how (Facebook) respond(s).

Readers: Would you use a feature like Wickr’s WTF?

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