WildTangent’s Poker Play! Launches on iOS

Poker PlayWildTangent has announced the launch of its new game, Poker Play!, on iOS devices. The title isn’t an ordinary card game, but is instead a poker-themed puzzle game that asks players to swipe their finger on the board to create the best poker hand possible with each move. The game may track players’ moves, but it isn’t a level-based experience. Instead, players work to survive by earning the required number of points to continue, receiving free moves as they play.

In each game of Poker Play, users can swipe horizontally, vertically or diagonally to connect groups of five cards to form the best hand. The better the hand, the more points it’s worth. Users have a limited number of moves to reach specific point goals, and when they do, they receive free bonus moves. A new point goal is also introduced, continuing the cycle of gameplay.

Jokers appear on the board at random, and can be used as any card in a hand. Points multipliers also appear on specific cards, making hands worth more than they would otherwise.

While players may create lots of high-scoring hands in a row, they will eventually run out of moves and end the game. At this point, they can share their high score with friends via Facebook. Poker Play’s GameCenter support allows users to compare their high scores with the overall community at large.

“If you love puzzle games and poker, you’re ready for Poker Play,” said Matt Shea, head of WildTangent Studios, in a release. “Even If you don’t play poker, after a few minutes you’ll easily begin to spot the best hands. My personal best score is 28,115, and I look forward to people posting their top scores or using Poker Play to prep for their next poker night.”

Poker Play! is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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