Will Celebrities, Public Figures Get Paid for Facebook Live Videos?

Has Facebook’s emphasis on live video extended to the point where the social network would pay celebrities and public figures to create content?

Has Facebook’s emphasis on live video extended to the point where the social network would pay celebrities and public figures to create content?

Peter Kafka of Re/code reported that Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was in Los Angeles this week in talks with talent agencies.

According to Kafka, Sandberg is trying to promote Facebook Live, the social network’s live video streaming feature, by recruiting about 100 celebrity test subjects, with “a subset” of that group receiving payment for their video content.

Kafka believes the goal is to generate ad revenue from Facebook Live, and for the social network to eventually share that ad revenue with celebrities and public figures, rather than paying them for their content.

A Facebook spokesperson told Kafka:

We’re investing in live video, as we think it’s a great fit for our platform—more and more people are choosing to watch and share live video on Facebook because it is personal, real-time and authentic. Live is a really new format on Facebook, and we’re just starting to understand its potential. To that end, we’re testing different ways to support partners so they begin experimenting with Facebook Live. We’ll be working closely with these partners to learn from them how we can build the best Facebook Live experience and explore with them potential monetization models.

Readers: What are your thoughts on this development?


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