Who Will You Kiss at Midnight? Buzzfeed Knows.

Vine users are already celebrating New Year's Eve with firework and resolution videos. But Buzzfeed wins #NYEonVine with their kiss-predictor.

It’s already 2015 in some parts of the world. And how are people celebrating? On Vine, of course. You can already check out fireworks from Singapore to Manila following #NYEonVine. But Buzzfeed knows what you’re really worried about: your plans for tonight and the new year. Buzzfeed has an addictive little Vine where you can click to see who you’ll ring in the New Year with.

I got a cranky, nihilistic florist, which sounds like just my kind of luck. I submit this now for your procrastinating pleasure:

But if there’s any way to celebrate 2015, it’s with this guy, who resolves to be more like D’Angelo from here on out:

Here’s to having a purposeful New Year.