Will Kobo And Barnes & Noble Have To Lower Their Prices?

Kobo and Barnes & Noble were the first device makers to release touchscreen eInk eReader devices. Both companies unveiled their devices at Book Expo America last spring and began shipping shortly thereafter. But now that Amazon has entered the ring and at a lower price point, Kobo and Barnes & Noble may have to lower their prices. The Kindle Touch is $99, cheaper than the $129 Kobo Touch and $139 Nook Touch.

In addition, now that Amazon has introduced the Kindle Fire, a color tablet device which will cost $199, Barnes & Noble may have to consider dropping the price of the Nook Color from $249. (Kobo will also have to keep this price point in mind with their rumored tablet).

While Amazon may be late to the game on both of these products, they are still the largest company in the eBook space and with the lowest prices they certainly have an advantage.


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