Will Reuters’ Digital TV Service Appeal to the Masses?

reuterstvComing early next year is a digital-only service fit for mobile consumers called Reuters.TV, reported AdAge. The news broadcasts, available initially on iPhones and iPads and due in early 2015, are to be personalized depending on who’s watching and what he/she prefers in terms of length and news interests. Edited segments served to the viewer may also vary according to the consumer’s location in the country, thanks to an algorithmic approach from Reuters.

This step for the news company indicates what we have seen play out consistently in the past few years — TV news doesn’t have the audience or appeal it did during the pre-digital era. While mobile devices have made a way for TV shows to spread in popularity, increase engagement and earn big ad dollars, the television news industry hasn’t been able to translate success from the small screen to the even smaller screen.

As Isaac Showman, who will be the managing director of Reuters.TV, told AdAge, the desired audience for the service is “educated professionals between the ages of 27 and 47, many of whom have stopped watching traditional TV.”

Reuters plans to charge subscribers — who will also have the option of livestreaming breaking news events through the service — a small fee, though they haven’t revealed the specifics of that, nor specifically how they plan to maintain Reuters.TV. Showman did tell AdAge’s Jeanine Poggi that ads won’t be an invasive part of the experience.

When new ideas like Reuters.TV pop up, questions always follow. I do think it’s wise for Reuters to go the livestreaming/video route rather than the “app” route. I just wonder if Reuters has the chops to pull off this TV service. Digital news companies always say that consumers are looking for quality, trusted content to pay for — but people complained about NYT Now’s pricing structure ($8 if bought alone), and that’s the prestigious Times. I’ll be curious to see the price tag Reuters puts on this product.

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