Windows 7 Release Candiate on May 5 and Windows Mobile 6.5 on May 11

Looks like May is shaping up to be big release month for Microsoft.
There was a lot of confusion a few days ago about whether Windows 7 Release Candidate was available or not. It looks like it will be available on May 5…
Windows 7 Release Candidate Available to Select Partners
…and Windows Mobile 6.5 will be launched on May 11…
Windows Mobile 6.5 launch: Pencil in May 11
Note I used the word “launched” because the availability of actual phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 (except for test units) is not very likely.
BTW: Regarding Windows 7 Release Candidate. Remember that although there is an oddball method to upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to RC, it is better to either restore Vista and then upgrade or simply perform a clean install of Windows 7 RC.