Windows 7 to Kickstart 3G the Way XP Boosted WiFi? Hmm

Video courtesy of Microsoft

TechFlash’s Todd Bishop notes that Microsoft’s Robbie Bach (President, Entertainment & Devices Division) started off his CTIA presentation by talking about netbooks instead of Windows Mobile smartphones…

Microsoft: Distinction between PC and phone gets even blurrier

Todd B. also notes that another unnamed Microsoft staffer: predicted that the new operating system will expand wireless 3G usage in the same way that Windows XP boosted WiFi usage.

That may be. But, there are a couple of big differences:

1. Using WiFi is free after the initial hardware purchase. 3G monthly recurring costs are typically around $60 per month.

2. WiFi use is tied to your wired broadband bandwidth limits which are, for all practicaly purposes, unlimited. 3G wireless data is generally capped at 5GB. A Windows Service Pack and a couple of TV shows/movies from iTunes and the Zune marketplace will push you past that limit.

3. The cost of installing and using WiFi dropped to near zero as home router and WiFi access point costs dropped over the years. The carriers show no sign of reducing 3G pricing.

That said, I’ve been running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Beta on my Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook since January and would never go back to using XP on it again. If the final Windows 7 release is as fast as the beta, it will definitely be a good fit on netbooks.

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