Twitter Is Working On A Windows 8 App (Finally)

Windows fans, you can exhale: Twitter has confirmed that they’re hard at work on a shiny new app made especially for Windows 8.

Microsoft isn’t exactly known for the high-profile apps in its Windows Store, but at least now it’ll have one crown jewel.

Twitter used its mobile Twitter account to announce on Tuesday that it is working to build a “great” Windows 8 app:


Twitter has apps for the web, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac (although it’s rumored that they’re slowly killing off this app) and Windows Phone, but they have never built something specifically for Windows desktop.

This move is likely part of Twitter’s bid to keep the Twitter experience consistent across all platforms. The company announced new changes to its API over the summer that encouraged developers to display tweets in a consistent manner, and not to build clients that would directly compete with official Twitter apps.

While no specs have been released related to the Windows 8 app, you can bet that it will have the same look and feel as the official Twitter apps for Android and iOS.

Twitter hasn’t said any more on the app, so we don’t have a timeline for its release – “months” could mean December, or it could mean sometime in 2013.

In the meantime, Twitter has put up TweetDeck in the Windows Store, for diehards who want to use an official app now.

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