Windows Live Profile Gets Some Cool New Features

If you’re a regular Windows Live user, you ought to know that Microsoft has just rolled several enhancements to Windows Live Profile, among which is full integration with social networking sites and other online services including Facebook, WordPress, Smugmug and many other services.It’s a much need enhancement for Windows Live Profile actually. And this update would certainly boost Windows Live status as Microsoft’s premier social networking portal.
As it is, Windows Live is already a robust online application with various features that enhances your overall Windows Live activities. But adding more funfare of course is the fact that you can now integrate all your activities from other online services to your Windows Live Profile.
Specifically, here are the key features and enhancements that Windows Live Profile just rolled out:

  • Add your online activities in 20 websites including Facebook, Flickr and more
  • Import contacts from other sites using Profile Connect
  • Improved people search on Windows Live
  • Photo Tagging
  • RSS feeds are now easier to find for blogs and lists
  • On Windows Live Home, you can now update your personal message inline, without going to a separate message editing page.

Start updating your Windows Live Profile now.