Windows Mobile Crashes 101 for Developers

I had high hopes for this Windows Mobile Team Blog item after reading the first 7 words in the title…
Resolving Common Crashes Seen In Windows Mobile Watson Data
…But, once I saw the final two words, “Watson Data”, I knew end users (ordinary humans like you and me) would still be left in the dark. But, if you are a Windows Mobile app developer, please do read the blog for the sake of your customers and potential customers. For example, I was kind of shocked to read this item in the blog item…

A final issue we’ve been seeing lately, concerns the .NET CF. Sometimes .NET CF v1.0 applications are installing MSCOREE1_0.DLL, which is the .NET CF v1.0 runtime. This version is no longer being shipped and should not be installed when the .NET CF v2.0 is installed.

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