Windows Phone 7.5 May Be Out This Week. Look for Google+ to Work Better in its Web Browser

The first major update for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is due any day now. says indications are that the day is this week Thursday (Sept. 15). This has an air of credibility given that Microsoft’s BUILD conference takes place this week in Anaheim (Sept. 13-16). It would make sense to release the first public beta of Windows 8 for the desktop and Windows Phone 7.5 for smartphones.

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One of Windows Phone 7’s biggest problems is that it shipped with an extremely weak web browser based on Internet Explorer 6. IE6 for the desktop shipped 10 years ago on August 27, 2001. Windows Phone 7.5 (codename Mango), however, provides support for HTML5 and more Javascript. As a result, Windows Phone 7.5’s browser should be able to correctly render mobile web sites designed for modern browsers. Microsoft provided side-by-side screenshots of YouTube’s mobile friendly site on Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 to illustrate this point.

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Another Google property that should look and work a lot better on Windows Phone 7.5’s browser is Google+. Some features, like Huddle, does not work in a web view. However, the service should look and work a lot better in a more modern browser that supports HTML5.