Witchy Tale: Brew Potions in This Match-3 Facebook Game

Witchy TaleBrowser gaming company Sublinet has released its newest title on Facebook: Witchy Tale. The match-three game sees players helping a witch create elixirs and potions for her customers by swapping the locations of bottles on various match-three boards. Levels become more challenging as players progress, and users must complete each stage without running out of moves.

The most basic levels in Witchy Tale require users to simply make matches until they’ve earned a large number of points. Early on, things become more complicated, with the addition of bubbles that must be popped by making matches with the vials inside them. Additional levels may add wooden blocks to the screen, which must be cleared by making matches next to them, and so on.

If players create matches with four or more symbols, or those in L or T shapes, they create special power-up symbols which are used to clear whole rows or columns of vials from the board, or those that can clear all symbols of a single type, as examples. Witchy Tale 2When it looks like players won’t finish a stage before running out of moves, they can purchase additional moves instantly with real money. Or, if players do fail a stage, they’ll lose one of their lives, which recharge over time.

Additional power-ups become available over time. A magic wand, for instance, can be used to clear a single chosen symbol from the board. Meanwhile, a broom is used to make a wide streak across the board, breaking ice cubes (when they’re present) and clearing a large number of symbols for instant progress.

Players earn up to three witch hats on each stage (think stars), depending on their score. Users can also compare their scores with their friends’ on the in-game leaderboards.

Witchy Tale is available to play for free on Facebook.

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