Wix Adds New Flexible Design Tech Tools and Ecommerce Services

The offering is geared specifically to professional web developers and agency creatives

Screenshot of new Wix services
Wix aims to bring a new level of responsiveness with new tools. Wix

Wix is aiming to bring more flexibility to professional web design with a new design studio aimed at developers and creative agencies.

The Editor X platform, which has been in a closed beta test until this week, allows for features that better adjust to different screen sizes, such as responsive text, image scaling and anchoring that allows web elements to stayed fixed in position across various devices. It then automatically back-generates CSS code based on the user’s drag-and-drop actions.

The website-building platform also separately rolled out a host of new ecommerce tools for brands this week, like customizable storefronts and recurring payment and subscription options.

The tool comes as many brands laser in on user experience online as a key differentiator, sometimes using tech like biometrics and artificial intelligence to maximize appeal and ease of use.

“We knew that we would like to develop something that’s the perfect product for top-notch designers—people who are really care about every pixel,” said Wix CMO Omer Shai. “We feel that this product can shape the future of the design field. It’s something that really gives freedom for designer to take design from idea to production.”

Shai also stresses that Editor X is too complex for the amateur users that make up a portion of Wix’s user base. It’s intended more for web developers, creative professionals and agencies.

“The solution is not easy and simple to use,” he said. “That wasn’t the goal—the goal was to create as much freedom to create the canvas and the freedom to create exactly what you imagine.”

The tool will be offered alongside Wix’s existing builder software, its primary customizable editor that requires no coding or design knowledge and its Artificial Design Intelligence, which auto-generates web layouts with machine learning.

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