Wolfgang Puck Prepping Online Cooking School

It's just one of a number of projects the Austrian bon vivant currently has cooking.

WolfgangPuckAs a reminder of the playful spirit of Wolfgang Puck, behold what he did during a recent visit to one of his branded restaurant locations in Las Vegas:

Puck arrived with a set menu in mind for his cooking demo but scrapped it when he learned that a farmers market was open in downtown Summerlin. He picked through the produce and created a whole new menu from the just-picked vegetables and fruit.

Genius! So are some of the other things Puck tipped Sun columnist Robin Leach to. Puck is launching an online cooking school, which will be based on 180 of his recipes. He’s also getting closer to opening his first New York restaurant, which will expand upon The Cut steakhouse concept in Beverly Hills. Puck says he is also contemplating a one-of-a-kind restaurant concept for Vegas only.

Leach has known Puck a long time. Over lunch, the pair talked further about Puck’s new book, Puck’s new convection oven and that online cooking school:

“We’re going to keep it [the recipes] really tight, maybe four or five minutes long, so it’s simple and easy. Just the main things. We built the studio for the school in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, and it starts streaming this week. There won’t be an audience because I want to talk to the people out there in their kitchens.”

“I have a chef to prepare everything, but then it’s just me one-on-one with the viewer in their home. We will have three cameras. It’s a subscription service. We have 150 to 180 recipes planned to start the first production cycle of the Wolfgang Puck Cooking School.”

Puck says the Wolfgang Puck Cooking School will be fully up and running by December, with a support staff of 20. The 66-year-old Austrian native mentions a couple of different pricing tiers for the school, and also thinks out loud that perhaps he can hook up with Amazon or Whole Foods so that someone interested in a particular recipe can click and have the needed ingredients quickly delivered.

P.S. Be sure to read the rest of the conversation with Leach, as Puck recollects hilariously how – without a buffet and faced with angry “cowboys” – he was sure back in the early 1990s that opening a joint in Vegas was the worst business decision he’d ever made.

Photo via: wolfgangpuck.com

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