A Royally Botched Kate Middleton Cover

Australian weekly Photoshops a slap in the Duchess's face

In case you missed, the latest cover of Australian weekly magazine Woman’s Day has been stirring up a puzzled storm. The editors took a perfectly good January 19 photo of the Duchess of Cambridge and turned it into this:


Today, in the Canberra Times, a fellow Aussie journalist breaks down the futility of these efforts:

Sydney Morning Herald photo editor Daniel Adams says this is a case of someone going a bit overboard with the retouching. “They’ve overworked the image,” says Adams. “They’ve tried to make it pop, make her sparkle. But it’s given her a really hard look; it does not look normal.”

Adams says they’ve whitened her teeth and eyes and added color to her lips and cheeks.
The Woman’s Day photograph has also been sharpened, which Adams says is completely unnecessary. “Sometimes in newsprint we sharpen images because they soften in print, but magazines print on gloss so there’s no need to do that,” says Adams.

D.C.-based UPI writer Veronica Lenares thinks the Woman’s Day handiwork may constitute “one of the most unflatering pictures” of the Duchess ever circulated. Ouch!

To view the original and far more flattering shot of Middleton, click here.

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