Women In The US Trust Pinterest Over Twitter [SURVEY]

Women are really in love with Pinterest, but they’re not too enamored with Twitter. A new study from BlogHer shows that, while trust for social networks is pretty high overall, it’s Pinterest that takes the cake.

BlogHer surveyed over a thousand women across its 3,000 blogs as well as a representative sample of women across the US to discover their opinion of the social networks they use.

81 percent of respondents say they trust Pinterest, the highest level of trust among all social networks. Twitter is second in terms of trust, with 73 percent of women saying they trust the tweets they read. Facebook was at the bottom of the pile, with just 67 percent of surveyed women trusting the social giant.

Pinterest is also the big winner when it comes to driving purchases. 47 percent of respondents say they have made a purchase based on a recommendation they saw on Pinterest, while only 33 percent say the same of Facebook and 31 percent say they have bought something based on a tweet.

And when Pinterest and Twitter go head-to-head, it’s the newest network on the block that comes out on top for women.

Pinterest is the network of choice when it comes to getting product information, finding out about new products and to simply have fun, while Twitter is preferred for catching up with friends and family. The two tied for such activities as helping to make purchase decisions, seeking advice and recommendations, contributing to a community and having fun.

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