Would Free Maid Service Get You To Work For A Tech Company?

Evernote, the tech company that offers the popular note taking service, pays for its employees to have maid service in their homes twice a month.

The New York Times has the story: “These kinds of benefits are a departure from the upscale cafeteria meals, massages and other services intended to keep employees happy and productive while at work. And the goal is not just to reduce stress for employees, but for their families, too. If the companies succeed, the thinking goes, they will minimize distractions and sources of tension that can inhibit focus and creativity.”

The Times goes on to point out that other companies offer take home dinners and babysitting services, in a move to ease stress on employees and make them more productive. The counterpoint to these perks is that it is too invasive and if companies take over home life then its raises expectations on employees who already take work home with them on their phones and computers.

What do you think?