WTF With Matt K. Lewis

The Daily Caller‘s Matt K. Lewis is a respectable politics and media blogger by any standard, but reading his new columns in The Week forces one to ask: WTF is going on with him?

Each week for the past three weeks Lewis has published a short musing for the magazine. But never on the same day of the week and with no apparent theme. He tells FishbowlDC that in addition to his gig at The DC, he’s now a regular columnist (though he’s being somewhat loose with the term “regular”).

In his first column, published on Oct. 19, Lewis wrote about “the incredible shrinking manufacturing industry.” It concerned the presidential election and the candidates’ stances on the manufacturing industry. That’s timely. But the next week, things got weird…

Lewis’ second column started off using a dismissive quote from HBO’s The Newsroom about a majority of Americans believing in angels. Lewis cited an author who is “working hard to make belief in angels fashionable again.”

From Lewis’ psychedelic column:

“Journalists are, in a sense, sentinels as well — sentinels of human, not supernatural, action. … “The website I work for, The Daily Caller, no doubt owes its name, at least in part, to the tradition of messengers and the criers who brought public information to the masses. … “To be sure, we’re no angels. Much of what passes for journalism today can seem (or even be) trivial and salacious. Just as fewer elites believe in the existence of angels these days, studies show that fewer and fewer Americans believe in the integrity and objectivity of journalists.”


Lewis’ latest column, published today, hones in on “what Washingtonians are really buzzing about”: Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. “Feared by opponents, venerated by teammates, and beloved by fans, RG3 has become the biggest celebrity in Washington,” Lewis writes. “…Even Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have taken notice.” Lewis says Griffin is “not only the quarterback the city wants — he is the quarterback D.C. needs, the change we’ve been waiting decades for.”


A little more: “Today, the Redskins are seized by hope and inspired by the promise of change. And they’re led by an amazing young African-American man the entire city admires, both on and off the field. Change has indeed come to Washington.”

This kind of overreaction hasn’t been seen in print since… Well, never mind, we just looked at the HuffPost homepage (“HERE IT COMES“).

“I’m having a terrific time writing about a wide variety of topics,” Lewis told FishbowlDC, “ranging from America’s manufacturing crisis — to RG3!”

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