WWE SuperCard Receives Road to Glory Content Update

WWE SuperCard2K has today announced the newest content update for its popular collectible card game, WWE SuperCard, introducing a new gameplay mode to players. The Road to Glory gameplay mode will offer regularly scheduled “mega-events” that challenge players to win 22-card battles against increasingly difficult WWE Superstars. The first event is scheduled to launch today, December 23, and will run through December 30.

In Road to Glory battles, players begin at the common rarity level for cards, and take on a series of increasingly difficult WWE Superstars. Users choose from a list of opponents, with each Road to Glory game using a deck of 22 cards in total for both the player and the opponent (16 Superstar cards, four Diva cards and two Support cards).

WWE SuperCard Road to GloryEach round begins as both player and opponent are dealt four cards. Users then select the card(s) they’d like to play, and the highest stat total wins the match and gains a point. The team with the most points after four rounds wins the game. If players are victorious in these matches, they’ll receive points toward defeating the current Superstar, as well as six board picks, which give them six new cards to add to their deck (or to use as support items in other modes, depending on the card). If they’ve lost the match, they won’t receive any points toward defeating the current Superstar, but will still receive three board picks.

When gamers collect enough points to defeat the current WWE Superstar in the event (say, Sting, for instance), they’ll receive that Superstar’s card for their deck, at the current rarity level (again, starting at common, and progressing from there). Each Road to Glory event is available for a limited amount of time.

It should be noted players must use a new “energy” system in this event, represented by “Bouts.” Players spend these Bouts to enter Road to Glory matches, and a Bout regenerates every 15 minutes (to the maximum total of five). Players can also purchase a single Bout or a full energy refill via in-app purchase.

In addition, this event sees the introduction of a new match type to the game, via the Road to Glory event: tag team Divas matches, which offer the same “preferences” system as normal Superstar tag team matches do. Finally, users can now hold up to 120 cards in their inventory at once, before they’re required to fuse or evolve cards to free up space.

WWE SuperCard was originally released in August 2014, and is the most successful WWE-branded game ever released on mobile devices by 2K or WWE. Developed by Cat Daddy Games, in conjunction with Visual Concepts (both 2K Studios), the game allows users to compete against other players by collecting cards representing WWE Superstars and Divas, and sending them into the ring to complete animated wrestling moves. Users collect new cards over time, and can fuse or evolve their cards to make them stronger.

WWE SuperCard is approaching five million downloads, and is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It includes premium in-app purchase options, like the ability to purchase new, high-rarity cards for one’s deck.

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