WWE SuperCard Updated with 60 New Cards, Survivor Rarity

WWE SuperCard2K and Cat Daddy Games have announced the release of a major content update for WWE SuperCard, the collectible trading card game that sees users collecting cards representing their favorite Superstars and Divas and taking them into matches against other real players. The update adds more than 60 new cards for potential collection, new in-ring animations for cards and much more.

WWE SuperCardTo start, 60 new cards have been added to the game’s roster, featuring Superstars like John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and more. Some of these cards are new Manager Support cards, which feature iconic wrestling managers like Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart, and are used alongside Superstar and Diva cards to damage opponents or increase the player’s own stats. In addition, cards based on the recently released WWE 2K15 console game have been added for collection.

A new card rarity level has been introduced to the game, as players can collect “Survivor” level cards. These are more powerful than Legendary cards (the previous highest level), and feature Superstars and Divas including AJ Lee, Booker T, Kane, Jack Swagger and many others.

While in a match, players can watch their cards duke it out with 24 new in-ring animations, and the likelihood of receiving higher tier cards after completing exhibition matches has been increased. Users can now collect up to 10 energy cards (instead of five), and can hold 110 individual Superstar and Diva cards at one time, before they’re required to evolve or fuse cards to make more room.

Finally, WWE SuperCard now supports two new languages (Russian and Portuguese), and has received a variety of Card Catalog performance and bug fixes, among other technical changes.

WWE SuperCard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game has been downloaded more than four million times since its launch in August 2014.

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