Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone Released; Doesn’t Work on 1st Generation iPod touch

Yahoo! released…
Yahoo! Messenger 1.0
…for the iPhone. As its name implies, it provides a native iPhone app for the classic Yahoo! instant messaging system. I found a problem with it right away: It doesn’t work on a 1st generation iPod touch with the current 2.2.1 firmware. Yahoo! Messenger starts up but goes on to endlessly attempt to connect to the IM service (see the screenshot above). It does, however, work fine on an iPhone 3G.
No one I know who still uses the system was online when I fired it up on the iPhone 3G. So, I have not tested its chat mechanism. Who uses Yahoo! Messenger these days?
Yahoo! has produced a bunch of iPhone apps. In fact, I think they have too many now with Messenger, Mobile, OneConnect and probably or one or two I can’t recall at the moment. They need to collapse these iPhone apps into a single useful app instead of taking up valuable app screen real estate.

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