Yammer CEO Offers $25K to Disgruntled Yahoo Employees

Yahoo, in a move that will be referenced as a ‘brand disaster’, has decided to sue Facebook for infringing on 10 patents related to various social networking and advertising technologies — technologies that are seen as open ideas by most of the web community.  The backlash has been intense, and add social CRM company Yammer’s CEO David Sacks to the list of mudslingers.  In a post on Twitter, David first admonished any employee that works at Yahoo, and said that they would not hire anyone who didn’t leave the company in 60 days.

More specifically, he asked Yahoo employees to leave the company and join him at Yammer on March 13th.

“I’m declaring it: Yammer will never hire another former Yahoo employee who doesn’t leave in the next 60 days. Who will join me?”

This post generated a lot of backlash, with people saying that Yahoo still had several great elements to the company and it was unfair to blame the employees for the poor decisions of the management team.  Sacks spent the next 6 days addressing these concerns, and eventually made a clearer offer to Yahoo employees.  $25,000 of clarity.

This is a great branding move for Yammer, and raises the company’s profile — it’s now mentioned in the same breath as titanic sized Yahoo.  We’re big fans of Yammer’s service and the whole social employee management space, and with moves like this I am personally just waiting for Yammer to go public.

Image: jayfish via Shutterstock