Yammer Triples Sales Growth in 2011 [Infographic]

Yammer, a favorite social productivity tool here at Social Times, has just announced their fantastic 2011 results with a large infographic.  We can see that they have 85% of the Fortune 500 as clients, and they’ve tripled their sales growth since the beginning of 2011.  Pretty crazy stuff, but not unbelievable considering the strength of Yammer’s product.

One of my favorite features of the service is the speed with which they’ve been improving the service without disrupting the existing workflow.  It takes a very delicate product designer to add features to something you use without disturbing you, and they do just that at Yammer.  Every time you log in you might have access to something like a better news stream, a new groups or files function or new management abilities.  In particular, they improved the layout in 2011 so that the sidebar beside the stream included more relevant information and a customizable area which the admins could use to talk to their employees.  Very cool.

Check out the infographic and let us know what you think.