Yodo1 Brings Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road to Google Play

Crossy RoadMobile game publisher Yodo1 has announced the release of Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road on Android devices. The game was originally released on iOS and Amazon Kindle devices in late 2014, and challenges gamers to lead characters across busy streets, rushing rivers and train tracks, in a style similar to the classic game of Frogger. This Android release features exclusive content, not found in the other versions of the game.

In each game of Crossy Road, players are challenged with surviving as long as possible, with each “path” they’ve successfully crossed counting as a point. Gamers tap to move their character one path forward, but can also swipe left and right to avoid obstacles, or even swipe backward when they’ve gone too far, too fast. It’s worth noting that speed matters almost as much as accuracy here, as players are picked off by an eagle if they wait too long to make a move forward.

Users begin as a chicken, but will unlock many additional characters, like dogs, rabbits and baseball players, and even the Android mascot, in this Android specific version of the game. Players will also collect lollipops, donuts and cupcakes in the Android version, as part of a nod to the Android operating system’s many different versions.

Players receive free prizes over time, at specific timed intervals. These prizes may give players coins to use in a prize machine, unlocking new characters in the process. Gamers are also encouraged to watch video ads for free coins.

“Our tiny studio has been working with Yodo1’s massive publishing team on the Google Play version of Crossy Road pretty much from the moment we started developing the game,” said Matt Hall of Hipster Whale, in a statement. “It’s great to finally see our game in that app store, where it can be enjoyed by tens of millions more players around the world.”

Crossy Road is available to download for free on Google Play.