You Can Drive Land Rover’s Concept Car Remotely With an iPhone

Land Rover’s new concept sports utility vehicle looks it came from the latest James Bond movie – complete with remote iPhone driving features as well as gesture-controlled doors. Add to all of that laser-positioning sensors, a special, transparent bonnet that lets drivers see the ground below, and daylight headlamps with object tracking and beam-dipping for night-time rocky, off-road terrain:

Jaguar Land Rover intelligent headlight dipping and tracking technology uses hi-definition cameras to automatically detect and assess oncoming traffic, instantly dipping the relevant parts of the light beam to avoid glare to other road users, and adjusting the rest of the beam to maintain perfect visibility in all driving situations.

How the remote-driving system will work:

This feature enables the driver to maneuver the car at very low speed while not actually seated inside it, via the removable secondary rotary on the center console, as well as via a smartphone or tablet. Applications include: – Extreme off-roading, where it is sometimes safer and easier  to inch the vehicle over obstacles from an outside vantage point – Coupling to a trailer – Driving through gates, where the driver can avoid repeatedly getting in and out of the vehicle by simply opening the gate  and letting the vehicle drive through via Remote Control  Drive, before shutting the gate and re-entering the vehicle

Via Daily Mail

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