Your Dose of Washington Times

On Friday, Hotline asked “what the effects would be if Washington Times were a drug.”

The reader feedback? “uncontrolled mooning; you’d feel like you had skinterns crawling all over you; you’d hate the hip-hop; you’d feel trapped underneath a mountain of blue blazers; it’d feel like you had something stuck in your teeth; you’d feel drunk only half the time; anal leakage; a Zoolander-like inability to turn left; nightmarish fantasies about Michele Malkin; craving for sushi; excessive quotation mark use; explosive diarrhea; paranoia; unnatural affinity to the Moon; erections lasting more than 4 hours; unnatural attraction to Ann Coulter; and mass weddings.”

Oh, and speaking of Washington Times, don’t forget to check out their latest intern blog entries, including “This is your brain on journalism“, “Now hair this“, and “Hot and cold flashes.”

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