Your Managers Are Why Your Company Can’t Train

There are many reasons why your employees might sign up for training or development, but only 15% actually improve at their jobs afterward. Fort Hill Company and Human Capital Institute theorize that it’s managers’ fault: if they don’t “demonstrate and model values associated with supporting learning and coaching,” employees aren’t going to benefit. And according to a related HCI poll, 100% of respondents said that 40% or less of managers actually demonstrate this value.
How can you fix this? Meet pre-and-post training, HCI suggests. Discuss the goals of the learning beforehand and talk about how to apply new skills afterward. Communicate why and how the employee was chosen to attend the training. Managers should know how to coach and make the time to do it.
And ultimately, “creating a learning culture relies on how managers demonstrate their own passion for learning and applying their learning on the job.” So once again, it comes down to seeking out the right people—those with natural curiosity and a passion for what they do— and letting them flourish.
The full webcast is available free with registration at The Human Capital Institute.