YouTube Trends: Finally See What’s Hot On YouTube Right Now

YouTube has just launched YouTube Trends, a new product that lets you see which videos are hottest at this very moment. Find out more after the jump.

I write about web video, read about web video and watch web videos pretty much day and night, and one thing I’ve always wished was that YouTube would have a feature that showed me what videos were trending right now. Not which videos are “popular today”, or “popular this week”, but which videos are the hottest at this very moment. I’m excited to tell you that my wish has finally come true with YouTube Trends, a new product launched by the online video giant.

Alex Weprin of WebNewser tipped me off to the new YouTube product in an email this morning, and sharing a link to the following videos, which introduce YouTube Trends and explain how it works.

Basically, twice a day at 4am and 4pm EST, four videos will be posted to YouTube Trends in the 4 @ 4. The 4 @ 4 will feature videos that are among the web’s most buzzed. The videos will be determined based on algorithms from a unique algorithm. YouTube trends also displays trending topics (i.e. what people are currently uploading and watching), as well as trending videos. You can also search for trending videos in specific categories. The site also features blog entries about various trending topics and videos on YouTube.

Kevin Allocca, manager of YouTube Trends, writes about the inspiration behind YouTube Trends. He says, “The idea for YouTube Trends started with our desire to find new ways of identifying the viral and newsworthy content people love to share and packaging it in an easy to digest format. With over 35 hours of video now uploaded to YouTube every minute, we wanted one place to distill the videos people were sharing and discussing with their friends as well as understand what YouTube could teach us about our culture and current events.” YouTube Trends was the answer.

Check out YouTube Trends and let us know what you think in the comments. Are you as excited as I am about the new potential for discovering trending viral content that YouTube Trends is offering as I am?