Yoxi Looking for Fashionable Ideas, Without the Waste

Yoxi, a site that hosts competitions for socially-conscious ideas, is seeking entrants for its “Trim the Waste of Fashion” initiative.

For this contest, Yoxi is looking for teams to submit ideas about how the fashion industry can reduce its impact on the Earth and, by extension, our health. That includes everything from the carbon footprint of our clothing to the waste that’s produced just from making the fashions we wear. (According to Yoxi, 15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to make clothing goes in the trash.)

Starting today, teams can submit their ideas for a program, mobile app, or other project on the website, in the hopes of winning up to $40,000 in cash and help to make their idea a reality.

More people have recently taken up the cause of making fashion more sustainable. Most visible perhaps is Livia Firth(@LiviaFirth),  wife of Oscar winner Colin Firthand creative director of Eco-Age. According to the Telegraph she and her hubby will be hosting a party for a new book on this subject, To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? Her company also deals with this issue.

Tomorrow, the  British Fashion Council will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Estethica, its initiative that addresses the problem of sustainability in the fashion industry.

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