Yummly Partners with Instacart for On-Demand Grocery Delivery

Yummly InstacartRecipe discovery platform Yummly has today announced its partnership with grocery delivery service Instacart, to offer at-home grocery delivery of the ingredients users might need to complete a recipe they’ve found in the Yummy iPhone app. As part of this partnership, users in 15 major cities across the country can add items from any Yummly recipe to their shopping list and have them delivered via an Instacart personal shopper.

YummlyIn practice, this functionality will require users to have both the Yummly and Instacart apps on their iPhone. When browsing a recipe via Yummly, users tap on ingredients to add them to their shopping list within the Yummly app. When viewing this list, users can tap a new button to be directed to the Instacart app, where a list of these matching ingredients is available for browsing.

For instance, when viewing a breakfast casserole recipe on Yummly, a user may choose to add bacon, green onions and eggs to their shopping list. Once they’re directed to Instacart, all three ingredients will be listed, along with multiple purchase options (like different sizes of eggs, for instance), and users can add those they’d like to purchase to their Instacart shopping cart. Once the ordering process has been completed, Instacart’s trained personal shoppers do the physical shopping, selecting the “freshest ingredients,” and will deliver them to the customer’s door at the next available delivery time.

“We chose Instacart as our strategic grocery commerce partner because they have innovated and scaled with incredible speed and agility,” said Dave Feller, founder and CEO of Yummly, in a statement. “We are quickly becoming the top of the funnel for food inspiration. A logical extension of our platform is making food-related commerce seamless, efficient and immediate. We are excited about the massive potential of this partnership.”

Yummly currently has over 15 million monthly active users across its website and apps on iOS and Android devices. Yummly and Instacart are available to download for free, with Instacart’s delivery service being available in these cities: Atlanta, Austin, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

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