Zagg Now Offering a Screen Protector for the iPad Mini

Hardly anyone has an iPad Mini yet, but that doesn’t stop the accessory makers. First Cygnett releases a case for the iPad Mini, and now the accessory experts at Zagg are showing that they make a screen protector for the iPad Mini.

It’s not yet available to buy, but the $25 accessory promises to protect the not-yet-released iPad Mini from scrapes, scratches, and fingerprints. I’m still not sure if this is an attempt to cash in on the current iPad Mini hype or a real product, but it’s interesting nonetheless. At the very least, it is a sign that Zagg believes in the hype enough that they created a product page.

Had this screen protector been available to buy I would be getting one. I have a fake iPad Mini and I think it would be funny to try to fit the screen protector to the fake product. I’d like to see how close my fake tablet comes to the real thing.

via Zagg

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