Zaha Hadid and Ben Van Berkel’s Chicago Pavillions to be Unveiled Next Week

If you live in Chicago right now, there are three things you’re looking forward to: 1) the end of winter some time in mid-June, 2) the final outcome of the 2016 Olympic bid some time in 2017, and 3) Zaha Hadid and Ben Van Berkel‘s pavilions right in the heart of the city to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Daniel Burnham‘s “Plan of Chicago.” Fortunately, according to Blair Kamin, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for the latter, as it looks like April 7th, next week, will be the day the initial plans are released for Hadid’s and Van Berkel’s work. Here’s a bit of what to expect from Kamin:

My sources tell me that the project has confronted the architects with a major challenge — essentially, given the pavilions’ shoestring budget, how to do more with less. It will also be interesting to see how (if at all) Hadid and Van Berkel, two avant-garde modernists, try to relate to the classical city planning legacy of Daniel Burnham. I expect they’ll speak to Burnham’s boldness, not his Beaux-Arts vocabulary. Zaha and Corinthian columns go together like Chicago and clean politics.