Zynga Announces Empires & Allies for Mobile

Empires & AlliesZynga has today announced it is resurrecting and redesigning one of its previously shuttered Facebook games as a mobile experience. Empires & Allies, which was removed from Facebook in 2013, is being reimagined as a new mobile experience, developed using the insights and player feedback Zynga has accumulated over time.

Zynga says this new Empires & Allies will “innovate and redefine what players expect from a mobile strategy game,” with a focus on giving players real control over their army. Players will have more options for strategy as they travel around the world attacking enemy bases, while presumably protecting their own.Empires & AlliesThe Zynga blog reads: “Players want to immerse themselves in a realistic modern military strategy game on mobile – one that puts them in control of their army with more choice and strategy on how best to use the weapons of modern war – and this is the foundation of the new Empires & Allies.”

Empires & Allies is currently in its initial beta release in a few territories, and is set for release worldwide in early 2015. During this geo-lock beta, Zynga will listen to player feedback as it adds new features and gameplay mechanics ahead of the worldwide launch.

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