Zynga Launches Dawn of Titans on Mobile

The strategy game allows each user to build a kingdom and create an army that will be led by large Titans.

Zynga announced the release of Dawn of Titans on iOS and Android. Developed by Zynga’s U.K.-based studio, NaturalMotion, the strategy game allows each user to build a kingdom and create an army that will be led by large Titans.

In Dawn of Titans, each player can construct buildings in their kingdom by collecting and spending two main resources: food and gold. These resources are generated automatically over time by resource production buildings, and users can upgrade these production buildings to increase their productivity.

Dawn of Titans

As users collect resources, they can also spend them to recruit units for their armies, such as militia, archers, spearmen and grenadiers. Each troop type has different stats and strengths, and they will behave differently in battle.

During battles, players can direct each individual group of troops to attack enemy troops as they see fit. Users can also direct the Titan around the battlefield to attack specific enemies. Finally, users have the option to select every group of troops, as well as the Titan, with a single tap, and direct them all at once.

In addition to fighting with troops, users will have access to magical spells that they can manually cast during combat. For instance, a fireball spell allows users to burn enemy troops. As users complete battles, they will receive resources and other items as rewards.

As users progress, they can recruit additional Titans for their armies. Users can take a single Titan into each battle, and Titans can level up and become stronger as they’re used in combat. In addition, users can upgrade their troops over time, which improves their stats. Finally, users can capture neighboring territories and bring them under their control.

In addition to completing single-player story battles, users can also take their armies into battles against other players. Users can also join Alliances and chat with other players.

In a statement, Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion, commented:

Our goal with Dawn of Titans is to deliver a “wow” experience to global audiences that pushes the creative and technical boundaries of what’s possible on phones and tablets. We pride ourselves on creating emotional realism in our games and inventing immersive worlds for players to explore and get lost in. With Dawn of Titans, consumers get true strategy and depth of gameplay, combined with the short play sessions and fast social connectivity that are made for mobile gaming. I am proud of the work our team did to develop something unique and special for players and truly innovative for Action Strategy category fans.

Dawn of Titans is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.