Zynga officially launches Dream PetHouse but stays quiet on Dream Heights

Zynga has quietly taken its newest mobile game Dream PetHouse live on the US iTunes App Store after a short preview period on the Canadian app store — the same tactic the company used to launch both ForestVille and Hanging With Friends.

Developed by Zynga’s New York studio (which was bolstered by the recent acquisition of mobile developer Astro Ape), Dream PetHouse is a free-to-play title that makes players build and expand a treehouse in order to provide homes for a variety of animals. The game features gameplay similar to established iOS hits like Pocket Gems’ Tap Pet Hotel — a similarity Zynga is not ashamed to point out in its blog post announcing the game:

We know we are not the first company to create a game with a treehouse, and certainly not the first with a pet theme – we tip our hats to those who came before us and while we think they are the cat’s meow, we feel deeply that Dream PetHouse moves these themes forward in fun and innovative ways.

It’s unlikely that Dream PetHouse will go cross-platform back to Facebook, as Zynga calls the game a “mobile-specific iteration” in the blog post. There is a Dream PetHouse app currently active on Facebook, but it does not have any content yet, and it is probable the Facebook app will be similar Zynga’s apps for Hanging With Friends, Scramble With Friends, ForestVille and Dream Zoo, and will simply redirect users to the App Store.

Zynga has so far remained quiet on the other game it introduced to the Canadian app store last week, Dream Heights. That game was harshly criticized by Tiny Tower developers NimbleBit after it was discovered. As of writing Dream Heights is not mentioned on Zynga’s blog and it is not available in the U.S. App Store.